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Discover more about our customers's excellence and how they applied the knowledge to their daily work routine

and surely put their heart into what they do.

Savita Soonthornsaratoon (Ice)

"After the training, I understand that customer empathy is understanding the clients from their side, feel what they feel, try to understand whether really mean.

Once I can connect with our clients in the deeper level,

I’ll understand what they really need an deliver the right solutions for them."

Thanachoke Chatpangta (Game)

"After the ‘E-Commerce Customer Service’ training, I tried to empathize customers more and put myself in their shoes.

Nowadays I found myself voluntarily got out of my way to solve customer’s problems.

Without taking it personal,I am happier at work too."

Phitchayaphak Suwanna (Som)

"I pay more attention to details, try to work faster and more efficient.

After the training, our team understand each other's challenges and strength more, hence we work collaboratively to achieve our team goal effectively."

Nice to meet you!

You can find out more about our trainer here.


Very professional and with great experiences! Highly recommend

Sebastian Bergstroem  / Directer / Tcb Corporation

First Class services provides excellent training. I really recommend their services.

Yohann  / Managing directer / Bangkok first-aid training

First class placement has matched me to the job that fitted with my skills and abilities.

They are very responsive to requests.

The work coordination has been fantastic. 

They always follow up and touch base with me with most needed advice. 

Ms. P, Executive Butler to UHNWI in Thailand

Literally First Class Trainer! 
Got a chance to learn with khun Piriyasini Chulasuwan since I was a uni student.

She flew across the world for sharing experience and coaching us to become a better person. She is a real professional trainer and a great advisor!

Love the way she’s always be there for students and giving a first class supportive.

Isabel Yuangthong

“Thank you for

your effort.

Very well organized and prepared.

The session

was diligently delivered.”

— Suteera, Exexcutive PA

“The training has been really fun,

eye opening


new knowledge gaining.”

— Wisa, Ex Senior flight attendant,Emirates Airline 


Thank you very much for allowing us to be a part of your success.