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First class service Academy & TCB Security are offering an intensive 9 day VIP Assistant training course for Women & Ladyboys of any Nationality. This Certified course will teach a unique set of skills from High Powered PA to Private Security instruction. Applicants are required to pass an initial interview to qualify for the high Intensity Training course. Upon successful completion of the course the Applicants will be guaranteed a hIghly Paid Position within the Industry


The Training encompasses Intensive Sessions for both the VIP Assistant and Private Security Training. Applicants will be taught a variety of exclusive Skill sets that will allow them to successfully perform at the highest levels within the Private Service Industry & Security field. This is the 1st time that these courses are being offered that combines training for both VIP Executive Assistant as well as Top level Security training.

We offer:


  • Training by renowned Industry Professionals for each specific field.

  • An intensive 10 Day training course (minimum 8 hours per day)

  • Convenient Training location (near to BTS)

  • Competitive Pricing for the Full Course

  • Multiple Course payment options are offered (including deferred payment options)

  • Upon successful completion of the course guaranteed high paying work positions are offered to the Trainees.

  • Call now for more details and start your new life now with training by the Top Industry Professionals in their respective fields.

Course Dates
  • 20th-28th July 2019 / Venue: To be determined.

Course Fee
  • 39,000 THB

We offer multiple repayment options.

1st option - Pay the full amount of 39,000 THB.

2nd option - Pay 9,999 THB initially payment with the balance to be repaid from the 1st booked job

in 3 easy to handle installments.

VIP Personal Assistant

Training Course

Man in black suits waiting next to priva
Applicant Qualifications
  • Female and Transvestites

  • Nationality - Any

  • Age 20-40 yrs

  • Minimum High school education

  • Decent English - Chinese, Russian,Arabic or other language is a plus

  • Active,fit and presentable

  • Positive attitude

  • Good communication skills are an advantage

  • Service minded

This job requires a lot of traveling or international operations. It might not be suitable for married people.

Offered Package
  • Employment : VIP Personal Assistant (Close protection officer + PA position)

  • 1 year renewable contract

  • Pay range from 150-200 USD per day per person

  • Work opportunity will be both domestic and international

  • Job can last from a single day up to several months. No specific working days. However, your work schedule will be optimized.

  • Accommodation, Flight tickets,Visa,Work permit and Insurance will be included for any traveling duties that involved travel.


  1. Send us your resume with supporting documents, photos, or profile Vlog.

  2. A job interview invitation will be sent to selected applicants.

  3. A 1 year employment contract will be offered upon completion of the course.

Please send your resume to

Contact us

Line@ : @Firstclass

Thanks for submitting!

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