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Private service is a growing profession. There is an increasing number of organizations, including 7 star hotels or exclusive residences , offer a butling service to their clients which means your opportunities are increasing, Butlers may work in luxury hotels, stately homes, private jets , super yachts or high-end estates. 


We are recruiting Private Butlers, Hotel butlers and Personal Assistants for our Worldwide clients.

Please specify your interested position in the application form or your resume. 



The Butlers are designated to be at the disposal of his/her principal for a range of duties , either for work related or personal affairs. 

Our valued clients are wealthy families or VIPs, such as successful business executives, embassy staff, celebrities and royalty hence this role can be highly demanding but very rewarding in return. 


The role is to ensure principal’s comfort, business and household demands are being met at all times, anywhere in the world.  

Butlers usually work for a wealthy individual or family requiring assistance in the running of their household.


You are the primary point of contact between employers and others.The Butler is a person that the principal and/or their family members can confide in and share their expectations and requirements in terms of service. 


In these roles, you are expected to provide an appropriate welcome for important guests, such as ambassadors or celebrities, and effectively run the establishment's catering services, whatever these may consist of.  This means not only making guests feel welcomed, announcing their arrival, ensuring their comfort at all times, but also handling their correspondence,

undertaking particular errands or demands when requested. 



    This job is suitable if you 

  • NOT prefers to work during the office hours - But you are very punctual and committed. 

  • Are prepared to be flexible and assist with the family, organize the household and act as a personal assistant. 

  • Willing to travel to accompany principal on trips overseas, which can involve long or short periods away from home. 

  • Able to sometime work longer hours, including early starts, late nights and weekend working and may be on call during the night 

  • Not panic with the last minute change of plan 

  • Able to adapt and manage resources to achieve the goal

  • Take ‘discretion’ and ‘security’ seriously  

  • Can handle high expectation and demanding environment

  • Can situationally work as a team or take ownership of situation to lead when the task requires

  • Understand the importance of grooming and present yourself graciously - Act and dress smart ,not always required to be in a long tailed tuxedo.Be ‘People person’,not a robot. 

  • Take pride in going extra miles for client satisfaction 

  • Empathize, listen, anticipate needs and take initiative to offer solutions 

  • Process a great set of leadership,communication and hospitality skills 

  • Able to handle physically demand job involving a lot of walking, standing and multiple tasking

  • Enjoy the glam of working in luxury environment 

  • Dream of working for VIP and serving important guests 

  • Love household management duties and domestic working venues 

  • Your salary is offered according to your performance, skills,experience and etc. 



Butler’s duties vary depending on an employer's needs and household, but may include variants of the following: 

  • Inviting, welcoming guests and ensuring their comfort

  • Answering the telephone and door, proper handling of correspondence

  • Overseeing upkeep of table services for breakfast, lunch and evening meals; including preparing dining tables.

  • Serving food and drinks, ensuring proper service at all times

  • Organizing social events and catering for the family or for large dinner parties.

  • Managing and supervising the decoration and upkeep of floral displays

  • Preparing travel arrangements and luggage; packing and unpacking, and booking hotels and restaurants.

  • Wardrobe management and clothing care ( ensuring clothes are washed, pressed and arranged, shoes polished etc.)

  • Primarily managing, advising and supervising estate personnel, including nannies, cooks, cleaners and gardeners in accordance with the employer’s specific demands and expectations i.e. drawing up timetables, general management, administrative duties, maintenance of the grounds and equipment.  

  • Recruiting and training household staff

  • Understanding, promoting and defending household protocols among staff and guests 

  • Hiring and supervising outside contractors i.e. florist,catering company 

  • Overseeing security.

  • Looking after household furniture, preserving antiques and managing security for private art collections

  • Managing stock and supply operations,up-to-date inventories of valuables, in particular of high value commodities such as fine wines, cigars etc.

  • Establishing and keeping to workable estate budgets in collaboration with the employer


  • Gaining the VIP experience unlike any others. Not everyone gets to manage World’s most prestige residences or gets acquainted with super brands and extravagant lifestyle.

  • Best way to learn about personalized service. You are most likely dedicated to look after familiar and specific clients. It’s all about quality, not quantity. 

  • The job is ‘high expectation’ which means you will grow, learn intensively and develop with the career. It’s a great stepping stone for one’s career path. 

  • One in a million jobs that combines professional skills together with leadership skills. Not only serving wine at the right temperature but also manage client’s expectation and create a great teamwork.

  • High market demand - The increasing demand of professional butlers for the increasing wealthy in China and around the World,together with the rising number of ultra luxury projects. Professional trained butler will continuously be in the market demand.

  • The needs for female assistant is increasing especially within the Middle Eastern market. 

  • And so much more…


This modern yet traditional service is becoming increasingly popular in luxury hotels, private clubs and top level residences, where clients are looking for a more personalized , immaculate service and extravagant experience. 

Hotel Butler


The Roles and responsibilities of hotel butler are quite similar to Private Butler.

However, the private butler attends to one principal or family while the hotel butlers attend to varied hotel guests.

Even though they can be designated to look after regular or VIP guests during the visit. 

Duties of hotel Butler may include:

• Ensuring that everything is in ready and in top conditions prior to the guests' arrival (including housekeeping service, amenities, welcome cards, flower arrangements and other facilities). 

• Conduct ‘Guess profiling’ and reviewing the guest list to check special requirements.

• Welcoming and greeting guests and providing information on hotel facilities.

• Offering refreshments.

• Helping to unpack luggage and assist with any laundry requests.

• Being on call for the guests. 

• Liaising with other hotel departments i.e. concierge or room service to ensure that guests' requirements are met.

Personal Assistant


Butler and Personal Assistant have something in common; essence of the job is to ensure employer’s comfort. The job descriptions for Butler and PA are quite similar however butler’s role  focusing more on household management or private duties. 

The private PA are expected to be the gate keeper of the principal. The ideal one should have excellent interpersonal skills and be able to multitask and prioritize their own workload; this is often a high pressure role and can be dealing with the personal and business needs of the client.

There is no normal day and two days will never be the same, you will be entrusted to,. You might be asked to accompany the principal on business/pleasure trips and will be expected to know the right places to eat and be seen,

also the local doctor/dentist and a black book of contacts is the key to any professional private PA. 

A Private PA in a household is also a very varied role, considered as a senior personnel often overseeing members of staff such as nannies, yacht and aircraft personnel, corporate business colleagues and housekeepers.

For positions with top salaries,you can expect to be on call 24/7.

Duties of Personal Assistant may include: 

  • Manage complex diaries and schedules

  • Organize travel and book restaurants

  • Oversee contractors and manage all paper related tasks in the household such as expenses, paying bills, banking and personal correspondence

  • Make household purchases and set up the home to the highest standards

  • Buy gifts for family and friends

  • Provide up to date information for their principle such as new restaurants in town 


Every coin has 2 sides. Checking your principal's background before taking the job is also advisable. 

If you are interested in our training courses, services or have any inquiries,

please contact us at

Thank you very much.

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