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Piriyasinee Chulasuwan

Trainer and Founder

of First Class Service Training co.ltd

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Piri, our workaholic and passionate trainer, has gained unique experiences in working with different UHNWI families, managed prestige estates and provided lifestyle management to significant executives.

Her works have been proven by multiple awards from World leading airlines and great testimonials from her clients and students.

Her training courses are well recognized by leading domestic and international corporates. 


A proud journey, a lot of hustling, success and still keep going

with full force. 

Over 20 years of combined experience, it's my honor to be

at your service.


Sharing is caring. It's my passion to share knowledge.

Please feel free to contact me.


Here is what I can do for your organizations

Apart from Personal Assistant training, I am also a Corporate Trainer, specializing in Customer service, leadership and communication skills for a broad range of corporates. 


I fortunately has designed and taught award winning courses, workshops and seminars on a wide variety of soft skills for international and Thailand’s leading brands, including E-commerce business operators and government sectors.

Global Press Interviews
Past experiences with leading corporates
With Mr. Paul Kenny
CEO of Minor Food Group in
'Team Cooking for Collaboration'


As George Bernard Shaw once said, I also have been creating myself for over 15 years of working in hospitality industry until today.


Starting from serving tea and coffee in Economy class cabin of an airline to working in prestige residences in the Middle East for World’s business leaders, I learned that life gets better when I put ‘action’ into my ‘passion’.  


My name is JJ , Piriyasinee Chulasuwan, the founder and trainer of First Class Service Training Academy. 


My helpful tips to get great result and customer relationship is ‘ Be honest. Empathize. Give my best shot to achieve the best goal.’  Create consistency and one day the World will recognize you even before you realize. 


And those are the same approach to my business towards my clients and students. The objective of my business is to assist quality people to achieve higher and go further as well as supporting luxury hospitality sector with premium professionals. Your success matters to me. 

Both divisions, our training courses and services are carefully designed for other’s growth opportunities. 

Connect to us if you are interested to be a part of our team or interested in our services.

I always like hearing from you.