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English for Customer Service

Training Course

Cheerful male customer service operator


Speaking with Understanding. Igniting Service mindset. The ‘English for customer service’ training course is a unique English conversational course which combined with customer service skills learning. In this digital day, our customer needs more than just ‘Script talking’ but ‘Spontaneous reaction to varied needs’.

Not just remembering the phrase, but using it correctly with understanding. This course comes with the knowledge and tools to enhances customer experience and speak English with more confidence.

Course Description

The ‘English for customer service’ training course delivers a unique approach to customer service training. It is a combination of

• ‘Experiential learning’ - an exciting and fun workshop

• Learning the essential learning points through insightful ‘Story telling’

• ‘Real play’ and practice

The knowledge and tools provided will give learners confidence to succeed in English speaking for building an attentive and genuine rapport with their customers to consistently deliver exceptional customer services.

Course Syllabus

The course is split into the following modules:
  • ‘Think like a Butler’ - The service excellence mindset

  • Customer Empathy

  • Manage customer interaction : Listen,Observe,Ask

  • Anticipating needs and exceed customer’s expectations

  • Personalization and attention to details

  • Service Recovery Strategy

  • Dealing with complaints

  • Special Bonus : Relationship map for Team Collaboration

  • Tips for Successful cross cultural communication

Course Duration

The ‘English for Customer Service’ Training Course is a 1-day Course

(Approximately 6 hours).


On successful completion of this course,learners will receive a Certificate of Achievement award from First Class Service Training Academy in both hard copy and a pdf format.


1. Post Module Quiz

To assess the learners ability and knowledge to effectively understand the topics contained within the ‘English for customer service’ training Course, the course features a number of end of module interactive quiz questions as well as the little present for the ‘Champion Learner’ at the end of the workshop.


‘English for Customer Service’ Training and Consultancy

Our English Course can be

• Tailor-made to fit your specific industry i.e. e-commerce, aviation, hotel and resort or restaurant service

• delivered on site, customized to your specific requirement

• as well as deliver consultancy service according to your request.

Please contact us for further discussion.

Email :

Line : @firstclass

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